Saturday, December 20, 2014

Review: 100% Pure Organic Skin Brightening Tonique

       Brightening Tonique

I rarely try only one product line or brand at a time.  I tend to mix it up because specific items from one will catch my eye but definitely not all of them at once.  It's a bit pricey to buy an entire collection just because a company claims the products work best together.  Even if I had a lot of moolah to throw around on skincare goodies I wouldn't bother because I hate the inevitable clutter of unimpressive items you don't want to throw out and yet can't bring yourself to keep using.

I skipped over 100% Pure's Jasmine Green Tea Tonique (even though I had the cleanser) in favor of the Organic Skin Brightening Tonique because I'm a huge fan of citrus scents and this one smelled so much like freshly squeezed orange juice I was tempted to take a swig right there in the store :P

When I bought this tonique (fancy way of saying "toner?") it came in a beautifully solid glass bottle but it's now sold in a boring opaque plastic bottle.  I suppose that cuts down on weight and shipping, but the design back then was much more elegant and purty.  This review will be for the original tonique in the glass bottle.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Review: 100% Pure Jasmine Green Tea Facial Cleansing Foam

100% Pure

I first encountered 100% Pure in college when I found a local store that lured me in with its bright pastel colors, attractive layout, and shelves of yummy smelling products.  The company advertises itself as environmentally conscious, animal-friendly and promises "no synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins."  Everything in the store smells like food, natural and fruity, but not in an obnoxious perfumed way (Bath & Body... I'm talking to you).  So far I've tried a cleanser, toner, a couple body moisturizers and their famous caffeine eye cream. 

When I started looking into 100% Pure I was mainly trying to find healthier skincare products that could help my dry, acne-prone skin.  Against my better judgment I stuck too long with overly harsh products (booo Murad) and needed to switch to gentler products.  I figured less chemicals in my body was a positive thing and after all the aggressive acne treatments I needed to give my beat-up skin a break.

The first product I bought was the Jasmine Green Tea Facial Cleansing Foam because almost every ingredient listed was a flower, plant, grass or fruit. 

Jasmine Green Tea Facial Cleansing Foam